Hello! I'm Joe Razza. Currently residing in beautiful Chicago, IL and working as the Director of Product & Design for KnowledgeHound. On the side, I run a small design studio called Frequency. Last but not least, I love all things Italian.

A short autobiography.

It was most likely the drum set under the Christmas tree at age two that birthed my creative monster. It wouldn't be until I took the first ever web design class offered at my high school that I would capture it. Under the direction of some smart people at Iowa State University that monster was whipped into shape. I still find myself being whipped into shape today and I prefer it that way. It's a general feeling I'd imagine any ambitious person shares.

In 2009 I left the world of ‘working for’ for a world of ‘working with’ and started Frequency Studio, seeking out like minded creative entrepreneurs and businesses that shared similar values. Since then I’ve worked for fortune 500 companies, ad agencies, small design firms and tech start-ups, enjoying the unique set of challenges they bring to the design process.

My capabilities span beyond simply creating a smaller piece for the larger whole. For designers in the entrepreneurial and digital spaces today, it's necessary that we're able to communicate and work effectively with everyone from a founder to a mobile developer. I am part business person, problem solver, experience creator, front-end developer and designer. I focus on embracing the collective creativity found in all those traits.

I'm not hard to find, so say hi & let's talk.

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Tweeting under the name @jrazza.

Bouncing the ball on Dribbble once a while.

My resume can be found on LinkedIn.

Emails can be sent to me. (Please no recruiter emails.)